Fontsmith joins Fontdeck!

We’re really, really excited to announce that the influential type foundry Fontsmith has partnered exclusively with Fontdeck. Fontsmith’s typefaces have a design and appeal which translates superbly to use on the web, and all fonts have been optimised for display on screens across multiple platforms.

We’ve started off by adding six of Fontsmith’s best sellers to the catalogue:

  • FS Albert
    FS Albert is a charismatic sans-serif, modern, thoughtful and down to earth.
  • FS Sinclair
    FS Sinclair is somewhat technical with an inventive but geeky character.
  • FS Joey
    FS Joey is an inventive sans-serif with an energetic design and distinctive identity.
  • FS Sally
    FS Sally’s graceful serifs provide modern elegance in text and display settings.
  • FS Me
    FS Me was designed and researched for Mencap to aid legibility as an accessible typeface
  • FS Lola
    FS Lola is a funky feminine face, full of life and personality.

All six font families are available for use in a wide range of weights, and all feature accompanying italics. Fontsmith webfonts are available exclusively on Fontdeck. Jason Smith, founder of Fontsmith said,

With a growing demand for our fonts it is important that we have a platform to display and sell our most popular typefaces. We see Fontdeck as an integral partner rather than simply a service provider; only Fontdeck lets us retain complete control of the quality of our webfonts, and how much web licenses cost.

We are thrilled to be hosting such a well-respected foundry, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll start using the fonts!

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